// Natural cosmetics are a girl’s best friend

For a special round-up of the best ethical beauty brands out there, I was asked to illustrate the lovely RMS Beauty Mineral Cream Eyeshadows. RMS is the first raw material range of cosmetics, created by make up artist Rose-Marie Swift. Apart from the yummy girlie and delicate colors, the eye shadows are supposed to be great for nourishing the skin around the eyes. That is make up with an actual conscious!

So here’s my piece for the article.

And here’s the talented Rosie-Marie Swift doing Gisele’s make up (as if she needed any :).

Picture from Cult Beauty.

For the complete round-up and some great Christmas gift ideas, check out Amelia’s Magazine.

5 thoughts on “// Natural cosmetics are a girl’s best friend

  1. Thank you ladies!
    Lindy: I think this brand is only available in England and the US at the moment. I haven’t seen it in Portugal either, but it does sound great, doesn’t it?

  2. Best Mineral makeup: Thank you! I am glad you liked the post. I love make up (what girl doesn’t?) but I’ve always had this doubt in the back of mind whether it is good for the skin. I guess some brands are and some brands aren’t.
    Your products look great, by the way. I am browsing through your store and everything looks yummy. :)
    Thank you for commenting.

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