// It’s Friday I’m in Love

December is finally here. I have looked around my house and deep inside my closet and have made a very detailed and precise shopping list. Ignoring all the irrelevant but not less lovely things we buy for Christmas, I firmly believe that it’s the perfect season for:


I just published three new illustration pieces for an article on “Vogue’s favorite lingerie boutique”, the gorgeous London-based Apartment C.

According to their philosophy, Apartment C is about hanging out in your knickers, drinking gin out of a teacup, and reading the Last Tango in Paris out loud, which sounds fabulously lazy and appealing in every sense. I love their pieces. Some are sexy, others are girlie, but they’re all delicate and very well crafted. Check out the whole article on Amelia’s Magazine.


A new book:

30 illustrators (including me! yay!), the most talked about Ethical Fashion Designers out there, interviews and plenty of amazing art, this is the latest, most beautiful book by independent editor and publisher Amelia Gregory. It’s unmissable and I am DYING to see it!

Here is a sneaky peek inside some of its pages:

How incredible is that? I can’t describe how amazing it is to know that I’ll be in a book, alongside artists I absolutely love and respect. It’s an unbelievable feeling and I am so honored and proud, I can’t stop talking about it!

The book is already available for pre-orders, just in time for Christmas, so hurry up! For more information, click here.


This is it from me this week. I wish you all a warm and inspiring weekend.  Any great plans so far?

Lots of love from bright Lisbon.




7 thoughts on “// It’s Friday I’m in Love

  1. The book looks interesting and your illustrations are always gorgeous…I love the rich background colors you’ve used here! Have a great Holiday season!
    Stella xx

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