// What are Fridays good for anyway?

Apart from the obvious (no work tomorrow! hooray!), here are a couple of more original answers to the question.

Fridays are perfect for a friendly match

Paris vs New York

A visual duel between the two great cities by amazing Paris based graphic designer Vahram Muratyan. – I am completely addicted to this project. I love its colors, simplicity and quirkiness. Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

Check out the whole collection here.

♥ Fridays are good for scribbling

I have two new girlies for you:

And a couple of color experiments too:

This was part of the same experiment I posted a couple of weeks ago and the original monochromatic version is still my favorite. I guess it’s because I can see more of the original lines and pen work. I still love doing these color tests though. They are fun and can be very surprising at times.

♥ Fridays are good for something truly wonderful

When I first saw the work by artist Jason de Caires Taylor, I couldn’t believe my eyes. One of his many projects is an underwater sculpture installation, 9 metres down on the actual ocean floor in Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico. The results are simply stunning.

These sculptures are so moving. They make me think of Atlantis and Alexandria and lost civilizations. I also feel that there is enormous sadness and hopelessness in some of these characters. They are lost, forgotten and frozen in time, even though life is happening all around them. Brilliant work. This is why I love art so much. Pieces like this feed my soul and touch my heart. I will never forget it. – Check out more images of the exhibition here.

Wishing you a beautiful and inspiring weekend.

Lots of love from Lisbon.

6 thoughts on “// What are Fridays good for anyway?

  1. Oh my God… these sculptures are amazing, truly. Joana, descobri seu blog agora e vou voltar muitas vezes, certamente. Obrigada por participar da brincadeira lá no Estrada e, consequentemente, trazer-me pra cá… Abraços,


  2. Violetta, Bardot & Rita: Thank you! These sculptures are breathtaking aren’t they? I am really hoping to see them live one day. They’ll probably be covered in corals by the time I get to Mexico, which could be a good thing. They’ll look even more stunning.

  3. Arash: Thank you! I’m glad you liked my illustrations… I am working on something very colorful at the moment, actually. It’s Christmas related so it’ll be up very soon. Just finishing a few touches. It’s for a competition so fingers crossed!

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