// Travel diary – Venice

After much deliberation, my boyfriend and I have finally decided where to go for Christmas and new years. We’ll make our way through northern Switzerland (the German part) and also see a little bit of France (Love!) – I promise to post the full route here, complete with illustrations and everything.

Planning for holidays always reminds me of the amazing time we had on past trips. I love looking at the pictures we took and the drawings I made. They bring back beautiful memories and the promise that the next trip will be even better.

We were in Venice a couple of months ago. This is what we saw:

This is me. My boyfriend took this picture to test our new camera lens. :)

All photography taken by us on a Canon 500D.

And here are two new little illustration pieces I scribbled over my favorite turquoise-colored paper:

Fine point black markers on recycled paper.

I have been in love with Venetian masks before and I’m currently planning on a big Venice-inspired piece to give as a present for a very dear friend. I’m not really sure how to do it justice though. Venice is too wonderful and intimidating. It doesn’t even look real, it’s so perfect. I won’t try to reproduce that kind of beauty. It’s an impossible task. What I’ll do instead is use it as inspiration to draw something pretty that will make my friend smile. That will make me very happy and I guess Venice won’t mind.

What an amazing place. Have you been there? I’ll definitely be back and highly recommend it.

Lots of love from Lisbon, wishing you a beautiful weekend.

10 thoughts on “// Travel diary – Venice

  1. What a lovely post Joana, we are also undecided where to go for Christmas, but it will depend on family. The Bernese Oberland is truly beautiful and we have had many winter holidays there ski-ing. I will be putting your blog on my google reader so I can check back and read all about it.
    Thankyou also for calling by ‘News From Italy’ I hope you will visit again, it is so nice to have met you via Carole.
    Please note if you want to contact me on my blog or via email is best as I do not subscribe to comments, my inbox can no longer cope with volumes!
    Enjoy the weekend.

  2. wow Joana these photos are really really amazing…so beautiful and looks like an wonderful trip. SO NICE TO SEE YOU TOO! You are stunning, what a beautiful picture your BF snapped :-)

    xoxo Bardot Blue

  3. Bonjour Joana, those photographs are beautiful, especially the one of you ;-) Venice is a magical place, however, I generally have a pretty good sense for directions, but Venice is the one place where I managed to get well and truly lost… Still, it was worth it for all its beauty. Have a lovely Sunday, Love from London x

  4. Hey lovelies,
    Thank you so much for your comments. Venice is indeed a magical place. From every single angle!

    Mia, Violetta and Stella: Thank you ladies! I’m glad you liked the post!

    Arash: Yes, we took all the pictures (my boyfriend and I). We have a really good camera. I highly reccomend it: Canon EOS 500D. It’s sooooo good!

    Lindy: I am so looking forward to Switzerland! It’ll be very cold (we are Brazilians and although I’ve been living in Europe for most of my life, my boyfriend has been here for just one year. Switzerland will definitely be a challenge for him. Should be fun though. We’ll have lots of mulled wine to keep warm :)

    Bardot, Carole and Betty: You girlies are lovely! Thank you so much for your comments!


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