// Wednesday Favorite

Before moving to Portugal a few years ago, I lived in London for over 10 years. Although I was happy to come to Lisbon and try something new, I quickly realized that I was going to miss many things about London. – Boots, for instance. If you’re reading this from Britain, I urge you: never, EVER, take Boots for granted. For those who are not reading this from Britain, I’m not talking about the shoe. Boots is a drugstore that sells anything and everything from perfume, to cameras, to tights, etc. It’s wonderful.
But anyway, the second thing I missed the most was Topshop. It just made everything so easy. If I needed anything, all I had to do was pop into Topshop. For someone like me, who loves clothes but gets bored of shopping very quickly, it’s perfect.
Next week will be the launch of Topshop’s new A/W collection by Kate Moss. She is amazing and I do love some of these outfits. Have a look:

Photography: Topshop
Watch the film too. It’s so pretty.

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