// Issey Miyake

My most recent piece of fashion illustration was published in Amelia’s Magazine. I was asked to draw a dress inspired by none other than Issey Miyake. It was for an article on the “Future Beauty” show at the Barbican Centre in London, an exhibition that celebrates and looks back over the last 30 years of Japanese Fashion.
This was the piece I did.

What a wonderful exhibition and what a wonderful designer. He creates curves where there aren’t any, and has a particular way of folding fabric that always seems to interrupt the natural flow of the material to create a dramatic, almost origami effect. When I think of his garments I think of sculptures and of architecture. I feel they are somewhat absurd and wonderful at the same time and much more than just clothes.
Minaret Dress, 1995 – Image from the Powerhouse Museum Collection
I’m just gutted I’m not in London to check out the exhibition. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

3 thoughts on “// Issey Miyake

  1. Wow! this metal frame with the screws it’s so different…. very beautiful !!

    In detail, is the Tokyo´s Subway map ? Brilliant…..

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