// A walk down Memory Lane

This was one of the first complete series of drawings I did. I remember my aim being pretty simple: I wanted to draw cute girls and I wanted to fill the page with as much details as I possibly could.

The girl in the ball gown (the first piece) has moved to New York. She was sold to a lovely client who lives over there, so I know she’s happy and being well looked after. I admit I’m even a little jealous, actually. I’ve never been to NY!
The other three sisters are still over here, although one of them is reserved and will be leaving us very soon too.
I find that it’s hard saying goodbye to some of my pieces. Especially the ones I’ve spent such a long time with, like these girls. But I guess we had our moment and now it’s time for them to make someone else happy.
Do any of you get attached to things that you created and find it hard to let go? Do you miss them once they are not there any more? Or is it just me?  – I’m curious about this.
I wish everyone a beautiful week.



4 thoughts on “// A walk down Memory Lane

  1. Oi Joana,sou brasileira sim! Cearence de Fortaleza! Outra Nordestina longe de casa!!!Que lindo te conhecer e que trabalho lindo o seu menina!!
    Aonde voce vive agora? -Eu estou em Dubai pois meu marido trabalha em hotelaria e tem um contrato de dois anos por aqui.Te digo que vai ser muito dificil ficar aqui para tanto tempo…Dubai e um pais muito sem cultura e vida.
    Voce e Bahiana como a minha maesabia?…Eu adoro Salvador pois passei muitas ferias por la.
    Que alegria de encontrar uma brasileiar tao creativa como voce…amei mesmo!
    Agradeco a visita como muito carinho…
    Aonde esta o botao para seguir o seu blog?

  2. I so know what you mean, I have some paintings which were meant for sale, but I simply couldn’t let them go…

    I’m glad you liked the post, you got some lovely comments and people loved your drawings :-) Thanks for your lovely offer, I’d love – when you have time, aren’t too busy and feel like it – to have a drawing, maybe in the same style as Zandra? Sorry, if I’m being cheeky here ;-)

    Have a lovely end of the week, Love from London xo

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