// Make ’em laugh

This sad little character is part of a personal circus-themed project I have underway…
Personal projects like these are great because you can use them to try and experiment with other themes, characters and styles. I’m quite disorganized in the sense that I usually have about 4-5 personal projects going on at the same time (the circus, the French revolution, underwater beings, fashion, food illustration, etc). – My house is a mess of papers and sketchbooks everywhere, as you can imagine, but it’s fun and good for my soul.

One thought on “// Make ’em laugh

  1. Salut Joana. I know what you mean by having several projects going all at the same time, I’m generally like that doing bits here and there and trying to fit everything in at once… Now: could I please “borrow” some of your illustrations for my blog? They’re so lovely that I would like to share them with my readers :-) Have a great day, wish I was in Portugal (long story) Love from London x

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