// travel pictures & moleskine: Milano

As part of our summer holiday, my boyfriend and I stopped in beautiful Milan for a couple of days. This happened to be just before fashion week so the town was crammed with people and buzzing with energy. Everywhere I looked there were signs of preparation for the next few days. – Personally, I would have preferred a more relaxed and chilled atmosphere, but you could really feel the anticipation in the air. It was quite contagious and I really got into it.
So, amongst a lot (and I mean a LOT) of pasta, palazzos and many glasses of the local sparkling wine (which was served in a bowl, actually, not in a glass), here are some of the pretty things I saw:

And here are some of the sketches I did.

I love sketching while on holiday. I feel it keeps the illustrator in a constant state of observation, moving him/her away from their usual comfort zone references (the web, other artists, favorite books) and onto completely new sources of inspiration (a local person, the mosaic on a church floor, a china cup at a cafe, and so on). My sketches are messy and far from perfect but they are my travel diary and my own personal souvenirs.
Do you own a travel sketch book? Or a travel diary? What kind of souvenirs do you keep from your holidays? – I have an uncle who collects sand from every place he’s ever been to on Earth. He has dozens of tiny bottles, all labeled up with the name of the location, full of colorful sand. It’s quite wonderful really, and very precious; My fiancé likes drawing the buildings he sees (he’s an architect). It’s great to watch him drawing. He’s so fast! – So what else do you do besides the usual photography taking/postcard buying combination? How else would you record the memories from a holiday? I’m so curious about this.
A beautiful and very inspiring weekend to all.

3 thoughts on “// travel pictures & moleskine: Milano

  1. Pop Champagne: Thank you. I’m so glad you liked them. It really means a lot.

    Lady Moriarty: Hey lovely, they are beautiful aren’t they? I love the details and the stitching on the leather. They still look very feminine even though they’re tough shoes.
    ps: Yes… Terry… I must do an inspiration post about him at some point. He’s amazing.

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