// London Fashion Week – editorial work

This is my final batch for London Fashion Week. Yay! – God, it has been a crazy two weeks, I can’t even begin to describe it.
For every LFW article and review at Amelia’s Magazine, the team of writers placed callouts to illustrators, or contacted them directly to request pieces for the publication. As the articles were usually for the next day, it meant that the deadlines were incredibly tight and sometimes whole complete pieces of illustration had to be produced in a matter of hours.
Now, I haven’t said much about myself in this blog yet, but those of you who know me personally, know that I am a full time creative at an advertising agency, as well as a freelance illustrator, which means that I had to really juggle my time here. Needless to say: I’m exhausted! But also very, very happy.
Here are my final pieces. They were for a review of the new collection by ethical label Partimi presented at the Estethica showcase. – Read the whole review in Amelia’s Magazine.

I had a great time drawing these final 3 pieces and I sure am going to miss Fashion Week. I guess I saw every assignment as a challenge and an opportunity to push myself further, so I’m happy and proud of the results. – It’s so cool to be proud of something you did with your own bare hands. Especially when you put a lot of love into it, which I always do when I draw. It’s the best feeling.
How about you?

Is there anything you did that made you particularly proud of yourself? Anything that you put so much love into, that when it was finished you were ecstatic with the results? Feel free to share here. Send me the link and I’ll create a post about it. Hell, I might even draw an illustration about it! Why not? It can be anything: a photograph, a piece of clothing you made for yourself, a dish you cooked from scratch. Tell me and I’ll draw it!
A beautiful and inspiring weekend to all.


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