// and off I go…

Oh joy, oh joy!
After many arduous months of waiting, my fiancé and I are finally about to go on holiday! – And a much deserved one, may I add.
As of tomorrow we’ll be on our way to Prague and then on to some of the most incredible cities in Europe: Vienna, Budapest, Berlin, Venice and Milan…  It’ll be two very intense weeks of culture, amazing art, architecture, fashion, good food and even better wine. – Honestly, I couldn’t ask for more.
As I am planning on being VERY inspired throughout the whole two weeks (what, with all that vino!), I will be packing a brand new moleskin and tons of markers so hopefully, I’ll come back with many new illustration pieces to post here.
// Finalmente, depois de muitas semanas de espera, estarei indo de férias amanhã. Yay!
O nosso roteiro (meu e do meu noivo – brilhante, diga-se de passagem. – O roteiro e o noivo) começa em Praga e termina em Milão. Serão duas semanas intensas de cultura, obras de arte, comidas maravilhosas e vino rosso para acompanhar.
Já que eu estou planejando ficar inspiradíssima durante essas duas semanas, estarei levando um moleskin novinho em folha, portanto quando voltar, espero ter muitas ilustrações novas (e bonitinhas) para colocar aqui.
See you in two weeks.
Joana x

If you need me, this is where I’ll be.

4 thoughts on “// and off I go…

  1. Oh happy holiday to you both! I’m incredibly jealous of every one of your intended destinations – they are ALL cities/countries I’m desperate to soak up!
    Can’t wait for your depictions!! xo

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