// Today I’ve been thinking about…

Erwin Olaf.
He’s one of my favorite photographers. Whenever I am looking for inspiration, I always find myself going back to him.
I particularly love his Grief series (posted here).
Although these photographs have a certain retro aesthetic, I think their compositions are very modern. I also think the feeling of quiet pain and longing really comes across. Maybe that’s due to the palette of colors he chose to use. Maybe that’s because of the stillness of the characters. Either way, I think Erwin Olaf has the most amazing eye for detail and just sees the world differently. In a more poetic light.

// Erwin Olaf é um dos meus fotógrafos favoritos. Sempre que preciso de inspiração ele é uma referência.
Eu particularmente amo a sua série ‘Grief ‘(em português “Pena” ou “Pesar”), principalmente pela luz e mistura cuidadosa de uma estética retrô dentro de uma composição moderna e minimalista. Acho que o Erwin Olaf vê o mundo assim: de uma forma mais poética, e é dono de um perfeccionismo minunciosamente estudado.

2 thoughts on “// Today I’ve been thinking about…

  1. very pretty images…there is a retro 50 vibe that is so popular in editorial fashion right now. I only wish some of these ladies would cheer up…they look too fabulous to be sad hehe

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

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