// in the eye of the beholder

I originally wanted this blog to be a simple personal space where I could share my work online. However, I have decided to create a weekly post here, dedicated to some of the things that inspire me and that will hopefully, inspire someone else in return.
I find that observing beauty, observing art, being moved by it and being inspired to create something (anything!) your own, is the only way to be truly happy. Women need to be inspired and need to nurture their own creativity. Every day.
So today, I’ve been thinking about Alfons Mucha.
He is the original Graphic Designer, but more than that, he is Art Noveau. Everything vintage that we love from that period, has a little bit of him in it.
I feel that every tiny detail in his work has a purpose and that sole purpose is to be beautiful to the viewer. That is: me and you. – Here was someone completely dedicated to bringing beauty into the world. I adore him.

// Eu acredito muito que as mulheres precisam de inspiração. Inspiração para o dia a dia, claro, mas também inspiração para criar. Sinto que observar apenas, não é suficiente. É preciso fazer, com as próprias mãos, algo que espresse verdadeiramente oque está por dentro. E é preciso fazê-lo todos os dias.
Vou criar semanalmente, um pequeno espaço dedicado à inspiração. O objetivo é partilhar aquilo que me inspira com a esperança que inspire outra mulher logo em seguida. //

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