// Short story

My friend and I were commissioned to write and illustrate a short story for children. This will later be compiled into a book of stories created by a Portuguese primary school for its tiny students. It’s such a cute project, how could we say no?
Our tale was originally written in Portuguese and I haven’t had the chance of translating everything yet, but here goes a little summary:
“Once upon a time, there were two villages that were completely identical to one another. Everything that happened in one village, happened on the other one as well. Even the village kings looked the same. That is until the birth of a special little girl. She was born in one of the villages while nothing happened on the other, which was very intriguing. From that day onwards everything was different. At first, it was chaotic and took some getting used to, but in the end, everyone loved being different from everyone else. The end”.
It’s much more elaborate than that, of course. It’s full of funny little scenes and details. – I’ll post the full tale when I finish translating word for word. In the meantime, here are the scans I made of the pages. I used a lot of glitter on the colors but it doesn’t show (the scan I used is not the best).

Page 1

Page 2


Fine point markers and glitter pens on medium grain sketch paper.

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